John Frusciante’s ILITCH Hum-Canceling System

In the May 2022 issue of Total Guitar magazine, John mentioned that he installed an Ilitch Hum-Canceling System into his 1962 Fender Stratocaster.

The reason for this mod could be that he went back to the original pickups in his Strat, and he felt they were too noisy compared to the modern Fenders which were believed to be in his Strat prior to this. You can read more about the pickups in his ’62 Strat here – John Frusciante’s 1962 Fender Stratocaster.


ILITCH offers a few different versions of its hum-canceling system (see ILITCH hum canceling systems for single-coil pickups). Based on the fact that John’s guitar now has a backplate, which it didn’t have before, he most likely went for the ILITCH BPNCS (Backplate Noise Canceling System).


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1 year ago

Yes, the ILITCH backplate is bigger than a standard Fender backplate so the hum-cancelling system in his ’62 is on full display in Guitar Player magazine photoshoot.