First seen circa 1991

John Frusciante’s DOD Stereo Chorus

John used this pedal during the BSSM studio sessions to split the signal between a Marshall guitar and a Marshall bass amp that he used together for a lot of the recording (not all though, as he went straight into the board on occasion, and used a few more different Marshall amps). Although he does not mention the exact model, the most likely one is the FX65.

I used two Marshalls: a guitar head for edge and a bass head for punch and low end. I split the signal with a DOD stereo chorus pedal. [Guitar Player (USA), October 1991]

Besides that, it is possible that John also used this pedal on ‘Under the Bridge’ during the closing section, although that could’ve also been a Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble that he used around the same time. Also, given how the DOD pedal was never really seen on John’s pedalboard, and the CE-1 was used even before the BSSM sessions, there is a slight chance that John gave wrong information in that interview and that he actually used the Boss pedal (same can be achieved with both).

Another pedal is a Boss Chorus Ensemble, which I use to split the signal in my rig. [Vintage Guitar (USA), April 2009]

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