John Frusciante’s Dunlop Tortex 0.60mm Orange Guitar Picks

From the time John re-joined the Peppers in 1998, he’s been using the orange 0.60mm thickness Dunlop Tortex picks. According to his guitar tech, Dave Lee, John was asked by Dunlop whether he’d like his own custom design printed on the picks, which John felt was a bit too much for his own personal taste. However, eventually, a custom design was agreed upon.

For picks, John uses Jim Dunlop .60mm. They’re the orange ones. There’s a funny story attached to these picks. The guy that makes them was asking if John wanted a personalized one and John felt kind of funny about that, kind of like it was a little too rockstar-ish, y’know? So when we were in South America we were in an airport and this kid freaked out about the band and then he looked at me and said, You are Dave Lee, guy of John. The story got back to the pick maker guy and he had some picks made up with that on.

Guitarist (UK), June 2003 – Universally Speaking
One of John’s Dunlop picks with the custom design printed on it. Source: eBay.


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3 years ago

Didn’t realise this was even the pick he used until now- I use it all the time and he’s one of my fav guitarists!