John Frusciante’s 1961 Fender Stratocaster (Fiesta Red)

This is one of the guitars John bought shortly before the Stadium Arcadium release, most likely to have something on hand available as a backup for his 1962 Stratocaster.

Specs, Usage

This Stratocaster was made in 1961 and features a fiesta red finish and a rosewood fretboard. The pickups in it are most likely original, although there’s a possibility that John replaced them with Seymour Duncans like in his two main Strats (although, as it turns out, only in his ’55 Strat).

John’s Fiesta Red Stratocaster as seen during the Live Earth gig in 2007. Photo source: YouTube

John used this guitar quite a lot during the Stadium Arcadium tour, and referred to it as his third favorite guitar, as of circa 2009.

My main Strat is a sunburst ’62, my second favorite is a sunburst ’57, and my third is a red ’61.

John Frusciante – Red Hot On The Empyrean


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