First seen circa 1998

John Frusciante’s Marshall Silver Jubilee 25/55 100W

First used during the Californication studio session in 1998/99 and on the following tour. The amp quickly became a part of John’s main stage amp setup, always paired with a Marshall Major amp.

In the Chili Peppers, I always have a Marshall Major, Marshall Jubilee, and my old Fender Stratocasters. [Vintage Guitar (USA), April 2009]

On occasions, John was seen using two Marshall Silver Jubilees at the same time on stage (see Slane Castle footage). As explained by John’s guitar tech, Dave Lee, this second amp was used specifically just for the overdriven tone.

The second Silver Jubilee was a stand alone amp. Usually with no effects. And set to an overdriven tone. Almost always played with the black Les Paul. We called that the ‘Slash Rig’. I remember during a show in LA, John playing that rig, and Slash standing right in front of him in the audience watching. I remember thinking ‘I wonder if Slash realizes he inspired that rig?’ Ironic.” [JF Effects Interviews: Dave Lee (2016)]

John’s amp setup used during the Slane Castle concert shows two Silver Jubilees and a Marshall Super Bass sitting between them. Photo source: YouTube

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