John Frusciante’s Schaller Strap Locks (Straplocks)

Based on photos, John had Schaller strap locks installed on all of his guitars. These are by many considered to be one of the best strap lock designs at a reasonable price.

Right now, Schaller only sells the newer version of their strap locks. These are essentially identical to the ones John used, aside from a few minor design differences.

One thing worth pointing out is that in order to install these, John had to remove the original vintage strap pins from his guitars, and screw in those supplied by Schaller. Just as a fun fact, the original 60s strap buttons go for at least $150, depending on their state  – which is funny considering they are just two tiny pieces of metal. This just goes to show that most of the 60s Strat fame is due to vanity and the fact that there are fewer and fewer of them out there, and not just for their supposed superior quality over the modern Strat.


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