John Frusciante’s Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble

John used this pedal from around 1990, all the way until his departure from the Peppers in 2010, and again in 2022 for the Unlimited Love tour. Usually, the pedal was used in the studio as a sort of a splitter, as John would plug his guitar into it, and split the signal between his Marshall Major guitar and Marshall Bass head.

While playing live, the Boss CE-1 was used for the same purpose, although here splitting the signal between a Marshall Major and a Marshall Silver Jubilee amp (John’s usual live setup).

I use a Boss Distortion pedal, an Ibanez wah-wah, and a big old ugly Boss chorus pedal.

Guitar Player (USA), April 1990

Another pedal is a Boss Chorus Ensemble, which I use to split the signal in my rig.

Vintage Guitar (USA), April 2009

The pedal was also possibly used on many of the songs that feature some sort of a chorus effect in them – for example, the ending part of Under the Bridge.


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