John Frusciante’s Fender Blackface Showman

Possibly used during the studio recording of Scar Tissue and Otherside, as there are photos showing the amp sitting next to John’s usual setup. It appears however that this amp was used only in the studio since on the following tour a Silverface Dual Showman was used instead. [Red Hot Chili Peppers – Bizarre 1999 Germany]

(talking about Otherside: ) That was a ’55 Gretsch White Falcon through the Showman and a Marshall 4×12 cabinet. For the breakdown section, I used a ’61 Gibson SG Custom into a cranked Marshall JCM 800. I think that’s the best kind of distortion – a humbucker into a Marshall, like Eddie Van Halen.

(talking about Scar Tissue: ) That was my ’55 Strat with the maple neck – most of the basic tracks were recorded with that guitar. I think I ran it through the Showman because the Marshall wasn’t clean enough.

Guitar Player (UK), September 1999

From the second quote, it is safe to guess that the Showman was actually John’s main amp on the album for the clean sound.

These Frusciante’s amps were likely photographed during the early Californication era. Photo credit: Uknown


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