John Frusciante’s 1940s Martin 0-15

access_time First seen circa 1998

John borrowed this Martin guitar from Anthony when the band started working on Californication, and eventually it sort of just became his guitar. He used it on nearly all of the acoustic stuff he did with the Peppers and on his solo albums.

Well, it was the guitar that Rick Rubin gave to Anthony and Anthony lent it to me. I just haven’t given it back yet. It was the guitar I learnt to write songs on again, and I got two more small-bodied Martins because nothing else sounds as good when I play them. I’m as attached to Martins now as I am to Stratocasters. – []

In early 2000 solo shows, John toured with two Martin 0-15 guitars. One of them was from the 40s which is the one that came from Rick Rubin – this being identified by the large dent in the body and dark bridge pins, and one from the 50s – allegedly his favorite of the two with bone pins. Both have since had the tuners replaced. Both have the Trance Audio Amulet system as a pickup.

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