John Mayer’s Way Huge Aqua Puss Analog Delay

This is one of the key pedals in John’s arsenal, at least based on how often it was seen on his pedalboard. It seems to be his main go-to delay, so any time there’s a delay effect in his signal chain, it is most likely an Aqua Puss.

There however don’t seem to be any interviews of John talking about the usage of the pedal, so it’s unknown when specifically it was used. It seems that the first time it appeared on his pedalboard was around 2004, after the release of Heavier Things. From then on, it was seen on basically every single photo taken of his pedalboard (including more recent with Dead & Company).

If you happen to come across an interview, where John speaks directly about the pedal, please leave a comment below.

One thing worth pointing out is that John uses the original, Mark 1, version of the pedal. These are now pretty hard to find, since Dunlop took over the production, and introduced the Aqua Puss MK2 model.

Post from John’s Instagram.


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