John Mayer’s 1990s Fender Strat Plus

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John used this guitar occasionally during the Born and Raised world tour, most notably at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2013.

The guitar as seen live at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2013. Image source - YouTube
The guitar as seen live at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2013. Image source – YouTube

From the looks of it, the guitar appears to be an early 90s Strat Plus. The most obvious giveaway is the three Gold Lace Sensor pickups (famously used by Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Buddy Guy) and the Fender/Wilkinson needle-bearing roller nut – which was used on this specific model until around 1993. The exact color used on the guitar is probably what Fender calls Razzberry red – which is a really rare finish.

1988 Fender Stratocaster Plus seen on This guitar is completely identical to John’s, so it could be that Fender produced a decent number of Strat Plus guitars in Razzberry red.

For more info about the history of this Fender model, please check out this wonderful and resourceful page by Xferi’s Guitars – The Fender Stratocaster “Strat” Plus Series


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Aaron Winter
Aaron Winter
1 year ago

The color of this guitar is called Razzberry. It’s in Fender’s color chart from that period. Very rare color.

Aaron Winter
Aaron Winter
1 year ago

It’s a dream guitar of mine and they are starting to sell for insane prices thanks in part to John Mayer!