John Mayer’s 2004 Fender Vibro-King Limited Edition

John was seen using this amp on occasions in 2004/2005 alongside a Two-Rock Custom Reverb. Based on the photos, the amp that John used was a limited edition which was available only during the 2004 NAMM show, with Western Hand Tooled Tolex, and a matching cabinet (for reference and photos, see 2004 Fender Vibro King Cowboy Tolex Amplifier).

Embed from Getty Images

If you happen to come across an interview in which John talks about using Vibro King amps, and for which purpose specifically he had then set up, please be sure to leave a comment below.


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Steven Robinson
Steven Robinson
2 years ago

The 2004 Fender Frontline catalog has him sitting on this VK rig advertising it. They also produced a model in solid Maple. I have that one. It’s 2021 and production numbers are still elusive and unobtainable. The certainty is there are only a handful.