John Mayer’s 2014 Fender Custom Shop Nickel Plated Stratocaster

This is one of the more unique guitars of John’s. He started using it around 2014, and it appears to be a model built to the vintage 50s specs. The finish on the guitar seems to be one-of-a-kind since it looks too shiny to be Inca Silver or really anything from the Fender catalog.

From Barbra Streisand – Come Rain or Come Shine with John Mayer

The guitar was used occasionally during 2014 as well as on some studio projects during that year. As far as the specs, it likely features all of the hardware from the JM Signature Strat, but this is obviously not one hundred percent true.

Update 06/2016

One of our readers managed to dig up an old tweet of John from 2014 in which he mentions the said guitar and clears up some of the mystery behind it. The guitar is actually nickel plated, and it was a Custom build for John.


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10 months ago

Here’s another video of him using the guitar live, covering the Eric Clapton song – Promises

1 year ago

The walnut plug on the headstock is a stock feature on every 50‘s Stratocaster. It is not an access to the truss rod. The truss rod access is still at the butt of the neck. It‘s just an inserted piece of wood to cover the truss rod. Absolutely period correct for a 50‘s spec Strat.