John Mayer’s Fender Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster

This is one of the two maple-neck Stratocasters that John played on a couple of occasions in 2014. Prior to acquiring these two maple-neck Strats, John almost exclusively used rosewood Strats, aside from a couple of odd ones – like the Custom Shop Reverse Proto Stratocaster. 2014 seems to have been a sort of a transition year for John, which eventually culminated with a huge announcement in October that year when Mayer revealed that he has parted ways with Fender.

Eric Clapton Strat

From the looks of it, the guitar appears to be brand new. All the specs also seem to match the Eric Clapton Signature model – starting from the black finish, three Noiseless pickups, 8-hole pickguard, and the 22 fret maple neck.

John Mayer's guitar on All Along the Watchtower
John Mayer’s guitar on All Along the Watchtower

Most notably, John used this guitar during the Made in America Festival at Los Angeles Grand Park on August 31, 2014, to cover Jimi Hendrix’s All Along the Watchtower.


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