John Mayer’s Alembic Further Jerry Garcia Tribute

John was first seen using this guitar in 2013 while playing a cover of the Grateful Dead song Friend of the Devil. This is, of course, no coincidence, since the guitar was modeled after one of Alembic’s earliest guitar models known as ‘Wolf’, played by Grateful Dead co-founder and lead guitarist – Jerry Garcia.

From 2013 and on, John seemed to have used this guitar occasionally for live gigs. He was seen playing it on Live on Letterman TV show in 2013.

John Frusciante – Live on Letterman 2013


Although just by looking at the guitar, one would assume that this is a solid-body guitar. But this is not the case, as it basically features a center block that spans from one to the other end of the guitar, made of two large pieces of maple, and smaller strips of purpleheart and cherry wood. The body itself is also made from several kinds of wood, with a quilted maple top and back and purpleheart sides.

As far as the electronics, everything on the guitar is custom-made by Alembic. The pickups are branded as the Alembic STR (neck) and Alembic HG (middle and bridge). The controls include master volume, filter for each pickup, off/on/bright for each pickup, mono output, TRS effects loop, and on/off for the effects loop.


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