John Mayer’s 2000s Fender Gold Leaf Stratocaster

This guitar was first seen sometime in late 2006, following the release of the album Continuum. It was specifically used during the studio sessions for the song Vultures, and on most of the occasions when the song was played live.

So for Vultures , I have to play the gold-leaf Strat. That’s what I wrote the song on, and that’s got that incredible second position – what do they call it, the quack? That’s the quackiest Strat of all time! Vultures does not work on another guitar. That weird, hollowed-out, out-of-phasey-type sound. […] I’ve never taken that gold Strat and played any other tune on it than Vultures.

John Mayer interview – Music Radar

Specs, Model

The guitar was most likely built specifically for John by the Fender Custom Shop, since it’s drastically different from the Eric Clapton Goldleaf Stratocaster (which would be the obvious suspect), although John might’ve taken some inspiration from it. The exact specs are unfortunately unknown, but it is likely that John requested that the guitar featured the exact same specs as his signature model.


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