John Mayer’s 2015 PRS Super Eagle (Prototype #3)

This is the third and (to our knowledge) the final prototype of the PRS Super Eagle, which is essentially the official John Mayer Signature model. To our understanding, this guitar is identical to the Prototype #2 except that is seems to feature a somewhat darker grade of brown on the edges. This should be taken lightly, as finish can seem to appear darker under a different light.

This PRS is first mentioned on John’s Instagram profile in July 2015, and it shows the guitar waiting to be finished in the PRS guitar shop. Couple of months later in August John did a Periscope stream showing off what we assume is the exact same guitar, but now obviously completely finished. Since he unfortunately does not show the back of the guitar, we have no way of knowing if the guitar on the Periscope stream is the same one that was interview with on the PRS YouTube channel. To remind you, that guitar had a number two sticker on the back, which we assume means that it’s the Prototype #2.

John Instagram post, dated July 17, 2015.

The Prototype #3 seems to have been finished and delivered to John by late July 2015, and the whole process of building the guitar can be seen on the PRS website – Behind-The-Scenes: The Super Eagle Collaboration with John Mayer. The guitar was equipped with two custom-wound 58/15 JM treble and bass humbuckers, and a custom-wound Narrowfield JM pickup in the middle position. It features a built-in preamp, treble boost, and three individual switched for coil taps. For full specs please check the official specs sheet at Private Stock Super Eagle Specs.

We assume that this was John’s main guitar until he received the production version of the Super Eagle sometime in early 2016, but it is possible that the #3 is still around and comes into play now and then. If you happen to come across any photos of John’s guitar vault from the Dead & Company tour, specifically images showing the backs of the Super Eagles, please be sure to forward it to us as this would help us figure out which specific guitars he uses nowadays.


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