John Mayer’s Jackson 30th Anniversary Soloist

According to a post that John made on his Instagram profile, he received this guitar sometime in mid-2014 – however, it mostly remained behind the scenes until around a year later when John appeared with it during his 2015 Grammy performance with Ed Sheeran. He also appeared with it on The Ellen Show in 2017, where he played Still Feel Like Your Man.

John Mayer on The Ellen Show.


John’s Jackson seems to be a Custom Shop 30th Anniversary model, based on the pickups and the control knobs layout. It features a bright pink color (which unsurprisingly caused some negative comments among the more conservative fans), two EMG SA1 single-coils (neck and middle), an EMG 81 humbucker active pickup in the neck position, and an 80s-style Floyd Rose tremolo bridge.

One confusing thing about this particular guitar is that on the original photo posted on John’s Instagram the pickups in the Jackson seem to be active type featuring plastic covers, while on every other photo or video featuring the guitar, they seem to be just a normal pair of single coils and a humbucker with no covers whatsoever. This opens up the possibility that John actually owns two pink Jacksons, or that he simply just didn’t like active pickups and got somebody to replace them with passive ones.


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4 years ago

Mayer played this guitar on the live performance of “Still Feel Like Your Man” on Ellen.