John Mayer’s Blue Chip Guitar Picks

In the more recent years (aka since around 2016-17) John seems to have been using Blue Chip picks. These are premium picks made of a special plastic called Vespel. They cost around $35 apiece, and funnily, even John can’t recommend them due to their cost, even though he seems to really like them.

Here’s my pick, it’s a Blue Chip. I cannot endorse it because it’s too expensive. I can’t have people thinking that they need to have a pick like this, because it costs a lot of money. But, I happen to get something out of it. So, yeah.

John Mayer | Instagram Live Stream | 19 November 2017

Even though it’s hard to tell which Blue Chip pick he is using exactly, it’s certainly one of the standard tear-shaped (351) ones. And, since we know that he used Dunlop .88mm in the past, we can safely conclude that he uses a thickness similar to this – therefore the most likely candidate is the Blue Chip TD35.


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1 year ago

Did some further inspection on forums and it indeed is a TD35 that he uses, he ordered a bunch and gets john Mayer inscribed on them. Thanks for the post!

wooga booga
wooga booga
1 year ago

td 80 is 80/1000 inches = 2mm
dunlop .88 is .88mm
the td35 is .88mm

Last edited 1 year ago by Dan Kopilovic