John Mayer’s 2007 Fender John Mayer Limited Edition Stratocaster (Cypress Mica)

This guitar was a limited edition of the John Mayer Signature Stratocaster released in 2007, featuring most of the specs present on the regular models with some minor differences. John himself used the guitar occasionally from early 2007.

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The guitar is just a regular JM Stratocaster featuring a different finish and a few minor design features. The color is officially listed as ‘Cypress Mica’, which falls between gun-metal gray and olive green with sparkles that give more of a yellow/golden tint under a particular light. Aside from the finish, which is obviously the most unique feature of the guitar, the standard tone and volume knobs have been replaced with vintage white amp control knobs.

The model was produced from mid-2007 to late 2008 as a limited run of 500 pieces and was available for purchase for $2,149.99.

The guitar(s) that John played himself was (were) modified from the factory specs by Chris Fleming. One of the models with the serial number #002 is currently owned by the Fender Reissue Shop, who posted a few photos of it over at [link now dead].


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