John Mayer’s Martin 000-14 Custom Shop

This Martin guitar was mostly used just for the 2001 Room for Squares tour, and it was one of only two Martins that John was seen playing around that time (the DM3MD being the other one). It was likely picked up just due to the fact that it was a cutaway guitar, and allowed John to reach the higher frets more easily while playing live.


Unfortunately, trying to figure out the exact model of the guitar proved fruitless. It seems to feature a cutaway body with OM/000-14 design, and pearl/abalone binding on the edges and around the sound-hole, but surprisingly – no binding on the neck whatsoever. This is weird because that type of binding seems to only be available on the top-of-the-line models (Martin 000-42 for instance), and it appears that these models all come with neck binding of some sort at least. Also, these models usually feature custom fretboard inlays as well, while John’s guitar seems to have the basic dots.

John playing the cutaway Martin in 2001. Source: YouTube
John playing the cutaway Martin in 2001. Source: YouTube

This could all point towards a custom-made guitar, or maybe a Signature model that has since gone out of production. As always, f you happen to know something that would help identify the model, please be sure to leave a comment.

Update: it has been confirmed that this is indeed a 000-14 Custom Shop model.


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1 year ago

It’s a ooo-14 Custom Shop.

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