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John Mayer’s Fender SRV Lipstick Stratocaster

John was seen playing this guitar at the 2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival in Bridgeview, Illinois, as well as on PBS’s Austin City Limits recorded that same year. Although initially suspected by many, the guitar is not from the limited line built by Charley’s Guitar Shop, but Fender’s own replica – likely requested to be made by John himself (if you happen to know for a fact that Fender actually sold these replicas apart from the one the made for John, please shoot us a message).

John playing the SRV ‘Lipstick’ Stratocaster at the Austin City Limits in 2007. Photo source: YouTube

As said, the guitar is Fender’s own replica one of the 33 replicas of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s original guitar, made in 1983 by Charley’s Guitar Shop in Dallas, Texas. Charley’s Guitar Shop made their replicas of this guitar from 2003 with direct input from Rene Martinez, who worked as Stevie’s guitar tech prior to joining Mayer to do the same job for him. Initially, 100 guitars were planned, but apparently, Fender stepped in and the production stopped at 33 [reliable source needed].

The guitar takes most of its design from a standard Stratocaster model, featuring rosewood fretboard on a maple neck (most likely) with a small headstock. The pickups in it are based on the vintage Danelectro pick-ups, most likely Seymour Duncan’s Lipstick Tubes or an in-house replica made by Fender. The guitar has only one tone knob compared to Stratocaster’s two, and one volume control.

Although he was never seen playing one (to our knowledge), it is suspected that John also owns one of the ‘original’ replicas by Charley’s Guitar Shop. Since Rene Martinez worked on a number of those replicas himself, and he now happens to be working for John, who again happens to be a fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan, that would be very likely.

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