John Mayer’s Keeley Katana Boost

access_time First seen circa 2005

This pedal has been a part of almost every single pedalboard that John had set up. Most notably, it was seen on his Trio era board (photo below), and on the photos taken of his pedalboard in the more recent Dead & Company tours.

If you feel like your guitar just won’t cut it in the mix with your band, but you don’t necessarily want more overdrive, check out the Fulltone Fat-Boost, or the Keeley Katana. Kick it on for a solo, and it’s like having your own personal mixing engineer ride your fader. I use a Keeley-modded Boss BD-2 pedal as well. It’s got its own thing going on, and I like it.

Message from John (regarding gear) 01.27.05

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access_time 2015

Klon Centaur

This seems to be John’s favorite distortion pedal, and he uses it on his solo stuff, and while touring with Dead & Company. Right now it’s the Klon Centaur. It’s the kindest, most satisfying distortion – it’s the best ‘loud’ I’ve heard. And I’ve always used a Marshall Bluesbreaker from the early nineties. It’s great… I mean for all the new, little boutiquey clean boosts [puts on persnickety voice], like a boost-drive… […]

access_time 2016

Victoria Reverberato

This effects unit became a part of John’s usual stage setup from around mid-2016, or around the time he began touring with Dead & Company (if you find any footage of him using the unit before this time period, please do send a message). According to the official spec sheet, the reverb circuit is based on ’65 Blackface Twin reverb, while the vibrato circuit is derived from a ’63 Brownface Concert. […]

access_time 2005

Boss BD-2 (Keeley mod)

Used by Mayer most notably during the trio era (circa 2005). The BD-2 that John used was modified by Robert Keeley altering the sound significantly from the stock model. Among others, the mod includes changing several of BD-2s inside components and adding a PHAT switch which activates a lower frequency booster for a somewhat bassier or “fatter” sound.

access_time 2004

Way Huge Aqua Puss Analog Delay

This is one of the key pedals in John’s arsenal, at least based on how often it was seen on his pedalboard. It seems to be him main go-to delay, so any time there’s a delay effect in his signal chain, it is most likely an Aqua Puss. There however doesn’t seem to be any interviews of John talking about the usage of the pedal, and so it’s unknown when […]

access_time 2016

Neunaber Wet Reverb

John used this pedal on the song Love on the Weekend from the 2017 album The Search for Everything. You can see him talking about the pedal in the video below.

access_time 2005

Real McCoy Picture Wah (RMC3)

John used this Wah pedal during the John Mayer Trio era circa 2005. RMC’s current catalog seems to be somewhat confusing, so it’s unclear what exact model he was using (if you happen to be familiar with RMC Wahs, leave a comment below). Above is a photo of an RMC3 Picture Wah that looks identical to John, but there seem to be other RMC models with this exact same design, […]

access_time 2015

Ibanez TS-10 Tube Screamer Classic

This pedal was spotted on John’s pedalboard during the Dead & Company tour (circa 2015). If you happen to come across an interview where John talks about this version of the Tube Screamer and why he decided to use it, please be sure to leave a comment below.

access_time 2006

Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer

The Tube Screamer TS-808 overdrive pedal was seen on John’s pedalboard on a number of occasions – for example, during the 2015 Periscope stream during which he talked about gear in detail. Also worth mentioning, the pedal was seen on photos taken during the Trio years, circa 2006/07 – meaning that it was likely used from early on. More recently, however, during the Dead & Company tour, he was seen […]

access_time 2005

Boss TU-2 Tuner

Obviously not really an effect, but still worth pointing out is that John used a Boss TU-2 tuner on his Trio-era (2005) pedalboard. Many people want to replicate that exact sound and go for the same exact pedals that Mayer had at that time, so it doesn’t hurt to have it listed here.

access_time 2005

T-Rex Replica Delay

Seen on John pedalboard during the Trio tour (2005).

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