John Mayer’s PRS Custom 22 Private Stock

This guitar was only seen briefly in one of John’s Periscope streams dating back to July 1, 2015 [John Mayer Guitar Lesson on Periscope 2015].

John playing a blue PRS, 2015

Based purely on the looks, the guitar appears to be a Custom 22 model, but there are a few things on it that don’t exactly fit the description. The first is the inlays, which are not the usual “bird in flight”, but Celtic knots-styled ones. Second is the fact that all of the hardware is gold-plated, including even the tiniest screws on the back and bridge saddles.

Taking a look at the PRS website, the only model that seems to fit the description is the one branded as the “Collection Series IX – Curly” – which seems to be a really top-of-the-line guitar with all the bells and whistles. If you’re interested in the full specs of this guitar please visit PRS’s official web presentation of the model.


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