John Mayer’s Rick Turner Model 1

John first used this guitar in 2003 to play Bigger Than My Body live [John Mayer – Live, July 7, 2003] (whether he actually used the guitar during the studio sessions is uncertain, but likely). He continued using it on and off from that point on, and it was again picked up again in 2009, for a live rendition of the song Half of My Heart from the Battle Studies album.


The Model 1 guitar was popularized by Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac), who actually played the first prototype that was built specifically for him by Rick Turner, on which the actual production model was based. The guitar features a solid body design with mahogany used exclusively as the building block. It is equipped with Rick Turner-designed hum-canceling pickups with optional coil-split, a piezo system, onboard pre-amp, and onboard quasi-parametric EQ. [Model 1 Solid Body –]


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