John Mayer’s 1960s Fender Stratocaster (Heavier Things)

This guitar was featured on the cover of John’s 2003 album Heavier Things. It is possible that the guitar was used to some extent during the studio sessions, although there doesn’t appear to be any official word on it from John. If you happen to come across an interview where there’s gear mentioned in relation to this album, please be sure to get in contact.

John Mayer – Heavier Things


The guitar is most likely an early 60s Stratocaster. This is based on the fact that dot markers on the 12th fret were moved closer together on models made after mid-1963, and on John’s guitar, they are obviously further away. The pickguard screw placement also fits the description of pre-1964 models – which is when the screw between the neck and middle pickup was moved closer to the middle. The final giveaway is, of course, the logo, which changed in mid-1964 to feature thicker letters and patent numbers. [Vintage Guitars Info’s Vintage Fender Guitars]


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