John Mayer’s 2000s Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop (Charcoal Frost Metallic)

John first appeared with this guitar sometime after the release of the Heavier Things album, circa late 2003. The guitar was likely a Fender Custom Shop master-built and served the purpose of a backup guitar for the tour.

One of the earliest photos of the Charcoal From Metallic Strat

If you happen to come across an interview where John mentioned these early Strats with stripe design, please be sure to get in touch. While the specs on the post-2004 models are relatively known, since they were based on John’s Artist series, these early guitars are pretty much still a mystery.


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4 years ago

Here is shown in the comedy videos with Dave Chappelle

3 years ago
Reply to  Ed

With backplate?! how weird is that hmm?

savinay chandrasekhar
savinay chandrasekhar
4 years ago

This was a Custom Shop Masterbuilt by Dennis Galuszka. John had built this as a prototype for the limited edition Strat line (100 made) that came out in 2004/2005.