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John Mayer’s 2005 Fender “Try” Stratocaster Custom Shop

This guitar was primarily used during the John Mayer Trio era, more precisely, around the period following the release of the band’s live album Try! on November 22, 2005. The Strat was most likely a custom order from John, built by Fender Custom Shop.

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As far as the specs – although there doesn’t seem to be any official word from Fender or John, it is likely that everything was taken over from the John Mayer Signature model. The only difference, apart from the custom paint-job, is the reversed neck. This is perhaps something that John requested himself as a homage to Jimi Hendrix.

Since this guitar is one of the more mysterious ones, if you happen to find any quotes from John mentioning it please be sure to leave a comment below, or get in touch by using the contact form.

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