Jimi Hendrix’s Supro S6420 Thunderbolt

Allegedly used in the early days with Curtis Knight, circa 1966. It is worth noting here that although some argue that an amp resembling a Supro Thunderbolt was seen on stage behind Jimi on at least one photo, it is very questionable if this actually holds any credibility. The whole theory seemed to have originated from someone’s statement, and then people tried retrospectively finding something that would resemble a Thunderbolt amp on a photo of Jimi.

The problem with this theory, mainly, is that the amp that is on the left edge of the photo below, the one that Jimi’s guitar was likely plugged in and that one that people argue is a Supro amp, has metal corner guards, and controls on the front. Supro Thunderbolt is a very bland looking amp with no metal guards and controls located at the top. The amp on the photo below is more likely a Fender combo.

Jimi Hendrix with Curtis Knight and The Squiers. Some argue that he’s using the amp behind him on the left that seems to resemble a Supro Thunderbolt. Photo supplied by a visitor. 


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3 years ago

looks like super reverb to me

Michael Thoden
Michael Thoden
3 years ago

A Supro similar to this was given away in the nineties, by one of the major guitar mags. Said to be Jimi’s. Years later my friend said he acquired it, and later sold it to Pete Townshend.