Jimi Hendrix’s Manny’s Music Medium Guitar Pick

Although Jimi probably used a number of different picks in his career, a few of them have popped up recently on auctions / at museums. These few should mostly serve just as pointers, which suggest that Jimi simply preferred medium thickness picks, but didn’t seem to have a strong brand or model preferences.

This particular pick, which was handed down to Larry Lee, together with Jimi’s Les Paul Custom, recently popped up on Reverb.com – and you can see some of the photos here – 1969 Jimi Hendrix owned Manny’s Music Guitar Pick from Larry Lee w/ Woodstock ticket & COA. Please note that although the info seems to suggest that the pick was used during Woodstock, it clearly wasn’t. This can be concluded by looking through photos taken during Jimi’s performance that day (he used red/black colored picks).


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3 years ago

Just a little thing about picks back then, even today, basic Celluloid picks, like you get from Fender, or really any guitar brand, they’ve always been made by one company, D’Andrea.