Jimi Hendrix’s Ace (Floral) Guitar Strap

This was one of the several Ace guitar straps that Jimi used on his guitars (most famous one being the one that he used during Woodstock).

This particular strap (or at least one of them – Jimi could’ve owned several of the same model) was sold recently at an auction for an undisclosed price. It was previously owned by a guy named Darrel Stroot, who apparently got it in 1970 at the Roberts Municipal Stadium.

On June 10, 1970 I went to Evansville, IN to attend a concert. I was located near the stage during the performance. It was a good show. During the show, Jimi’s guitar strap broke. A stage-hand came out to replace it while he was playing; he tossed it onto the stage and the show went on. When the concert ended I went to the stage and asked a stage-hand for the strap; he acknowledged and the strap was mine. The strap has been in my possession since June 1970.

132: 132 – Hendrix owned Guitar strap with floral


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