Jimi Hendrix’s 1967/68 Fender Stratocaster (blue)

This guitar is not all that significant at least when compared to the others, but it is nonetheless one of the more interesting ones. Jimi used it for a very brief period of time, from what we’ve gathered – not longer than a month. It was first seen at the Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport on July 31, 1968 [Shreveport (Municipal Auditorium) : 31 juillet 1968], and last, in pieces, at the Lagoon Opera House, Salt Lake City on August 30, 1968 [Salt Lake City (Lagoon Opera House) : 30 août 1968]

The most interesting thing about this guitar is certainly the color. From the photos, the finish seems closest to what Fender used to call ‘Blue Ice metallic’. This was a custom finish used on the models made between 1960 and 1969. [Fender Custom Colors: Color Confusion – GuitarHQ] All of the Fender’s custom finishes, of course, originated from the popular car finishes from back in the day

As can be seen on the photos taken in Salt Lake City on August 30, 1968, Jimi smashed the guitar at some point of the concert. The headstock was pretty much split in half, and a crack formed across the whole body – likely rendering the guitar unusable and unfixable.

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