Jimi Hendrix’s Fender Twin Reverb

Jimi was seen using this amp in the pre-Experience days. More precisely, photos dating to his Curtis Knight days (late 1965/most of 1966) all seem to show Jimi playing through a Twin Reverb combo amp.

Jimi Hendrix and Curtis Knight
Jimi Hendrix with Curtis Knight and the Squiers. George’s Club 20, 1966. Photo credit: Unknown

Given that he played the last gig with Curtis in August 1966, and left for the UK in September, it is likely that the amp was either sold prior to the UK trip, or it wasn’t Jimi’s to begin with. Because Jimi’s Twin Reverb wasn’t the only such amp on stage, it is likely that the amps were owned by the band, and that Jimi’s simply got to use it while playing with them.


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1 year ago

It was a 64……

4 years ago

It may have been a Super Reverb because there are some shots of him with CK and the amp looks very tall also some of the live recordings he did with CK sound like the amp is distorting and i think a Super reverb would get there faster. A Twin would have been deafening .