Jimi Hendrix’s Silvertone Twin Twelve Combo

Jimi seemed to have used this amp around late 1962 / early 1963. It can be seen on a photo of him performing with the King Kasuals. At the time of using this amp, Jimi played what is likely a 1961 Epiphone Wilshire.

Based on the book Starting at Zero: His Own Story, the amp was a gift from the owner of the club where the band was performing at that time.

In Clarksville we worked for a setup called W & W. Man, they paid us so little that we decided the two W’s stood for “Wicked and Wrong.” […] Then we got in with a club owner who seemed to like us a lot. He bought us some new gear. I had a Silvertone amp, and the others got Fender Bandmasters.

Starting at Zero: His Own Story
Jimi Hendrix performing with the band King Casuals.
Jimi Hendrix with the King Kasuals, early 1963.


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