Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 Guild Starfire V

This guitar was used only once by Jimi, on May 19, 1968, at the Wreck Bar within the Castaways Hotel, in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, after the Miami Pop Festival.

The Miami Pop Festival was originally scheduled as a two-day event, but the second day was canceled due to a thunderstorm, which prompted the performers to gather in the Castaways Hotel to take refuge from the rain and start a jam session.

There’s is only one photograph from that night of Jimi using this guitar [Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 Electric Guild Starfire V – liveauctioneers.com] It is unknown whether Jimi had the guitar with him prior to this, or whether it was something he acquired that night. Also, the story behind the stickers covering the front of the guitar is a mystery.

Be that as it may, the Guild somehow ended up with Jimi’s father, Al, with whom it remained until his death in 2002. After that, we’re guessing it remained within the family until 2017 when it was put up for auction. The starting bid was $140,000.

Jimi’s Guild Starfire V body closeup. Source: liveauctoneers.com
Jimi’s Guild Starfire V headstock closeup. Source: liveauctoneers.com


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Scott Emmons
Scott Emmons
1 year ago

The date for the Jam at The Castaways Wreck Bar using the Guild has been stated as May 20th 1968, but also the 19th. Frank Zappa and Arthur Brown were there too.

'68 5:20:68 bigger The Wreck Bar, Castaways Motel, Miami Beach, FL-1968_05_20_001_MiamiWreckBar_GuildStarfireV copy.jpeg
'68 5:20:68 bigger The Wreck Bar, Castaways Motel, Miami Beach, FL-1968_05_20_2 copy.png
'68 5:20:68 The Wreck Bar, Castaways Motel, Miami Beach, FL-wreck_bar.jpg
'68 5:20:68 The Wreck Bar, Castaways Motel, Miami Beach, FL-1968_05_20_1.jpg
J.D. Bell
J.D. Bell
1 year ago

Well…according to an article in Univibes Magazine (one of the best fan mags around)…Jimi was given this guitar to use for the one night he jammed there—the owner of the Wreck Bar apparently let Jimi keep it…not too sure…BTW, there is actually TWO photos of Jimi using the guitar that night…How Al Hendrix acquired this guitar is mysterious, but it is likely that he bought it from the owner, early on…He did indeed sell it years later….I would say that the owner had just lent the guitar to Jimi, since there are no photos of him using it elsewhere.