Jimi Hendrix’s Fender Rock N’ Roll 150 Strings

access_time First seen circa ----

According to Roger Mayer, Jimi used the standard Fender 150 set (.010, .013, .015, .026, .032, .038).

We were using the normal one, not the very high radius but definitely curvy. The actual strings we used were not what people would expect. The string gauges would run .010, .013, .015, .026, .032 and .038. [The Secrets of Jimi Hendrix’s Guitar Setup: Interview with Roger Mayer]

The Fender 150 referred to a complete set sold at the time (late sixties early seventies). In Fender Catalogs From 1953 to 1979 (specifically from 1968) you’ll find the information that Fender branded the set as “Spanish Guitar light gauge Rock ‘N’ Roll”, and that the set included the following strings:

  • 151 E-1st, Plain .010”
  • 152 B-2nd, Plain .013”
  • 153 G-3rd, Plain .015”
  • 154 D-4th, Wound .026”
  • 155 A-5th, Wound .032”
  • 156 E-6th, Wound .038”

In case you’re interested in trying out a similar set, nowadays Fender’s sells these 10-38 sets branded as Fender Hendrix Voodoo Child strings.

Buddy Miles Claim

However, Mike Bloomfield says Buddy Miles insists that Jimi used very heavy strings on the bottom, a medium gauge on his A and D, a Hawaiian G string, a light(not super-light) B string, and a super-light E. This was supposedly not just for experimentation, but something that Jimi did all the time because he thought it would keep the whole guitar in tune a little better. [original source needed]

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Did Jimi always re-string his own guitars ? If he had a roadie, or someone that
prepped his guitars. Perhaps that person could verify the string gauge that Jimi preferred.

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