Jimi Hendrix’s 1970 Fender Stratocaster (sunburst, maple)

This guitar was purchased by Jimi on July 14, 1970, at Manny’s Music store in New York. Around that time Jimi was spending a lot of time at the Electric Lady Studios, which at that time still wasn’t finished completely. When the studio was opened, on August 26, an opening party was held. According to Noel Redding, Jimi played this exact guitar – however, no photos of the gig exist. (refer to auction page for source)

Original receipt from Manny’s dating to July 1970, signed by Eugene McFadden, Hendrix road manager.

On August 27th, Jimi flew to London, and most likely left the guitar at the Electric Lady Studios, since it was not seen at any of the gigs played between August 27th and Jimi’s passing on September 18th.

From that point, it’s not exactly clear what happened to the guitar and with whom it ended up. It was signed by Noel Redding at some point, apparently when it was first sold.

Jimi’s 1970 Stratocaster from the back. The guitar was signed by Noel Redding. Photo source: Julien’s.

Then at some point in 2010, the guitar was put on the auction at Julien’s, maybe by the same person who had Noel sign it, maybe not, eventually selling for $187,500. [LOT128 OF 562:JIMI HENDRIX FENDER STRATOCASTER, Julien’s]

It seems however that this was not the first time it went on the auction, as there are mentions online of an auction held at Christie’s in 2009, and possibly one way earlier, in 1995.

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Cindy Morrison
Cindy Morrison
2 years ago

Why is one of them 2-colour sunburst and one 3-colour? Did he own 2 different one?

John Stone
John Stone
1 year ago
Reply to  Dan Kopilovic

This turned out to be a fake.