Jimi Hendrix’s 1960s Zemaitis 12-string Acoustic

One of the rare professional video recordings of Jimi with an acoustic guitar shows him playing an unplugged version of the song “Hear My Train A’ Comin'” on a twelve-string guitar.  The short footage is a part of the film called “See My Music Talking”, recorded on December 19th, 1967 at the Bruce Fleming’s studio, London.

The guitar that Jimi played in the video was made by a guitar luthier called Antanus Casimere (Tony) Zemaitis, based in London, England. All of the vintage Zemaitis guitars were made by Tony himself, and many of the popular guitarists of that time were seen playing one – including Eric Clapton, Donovan, Ronnie Wood, and Kieth Richards. After Tony’s death in 2002, the production of Zemaitis guitar was moved over to Japan.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find out what happened to the guitar after Jimi’s death. It does, however, seem to be still around, as there are photos of it on a website by David Brewis [Zemaitis Restorations – Hendrix 1960]

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Craig C.
Craig C.
6 months ago

Hi there…I can say with my hand on my heart, I saw the 12 string Zemaitis guitar at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland. I was visiting out there back in 2015, and saw the guitar with a funky jacket and another guitar of Jimi’s in a large display. I hope it’s still there….peace.


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