Jimi Hendrix’s Guitars, Amps, Effects, Gear listed Chronologically

Short Summary of Jimi Hendrix's Equipment

As far as electric guitars, Jimi Hendrix is mostly known for playing Fender Stratocasters. A few worth mentioning here is certainly the early 1960s white Stratocaster – which was allegedly the only guitar Jimi had with him when he first came to England. There’s also a 1963/64 Fiesta Red Stratocaster that he painted and then burned on stage at Monterey Pop Festival, and a black 1968 Stratocaster with a maple neck that was allegedly his favorite. But perhaps, the most notable of them all was the 1968 white Fender Stratocaster that Jimi played during the Woodstock festival on August 16, 1969.

Jimi Hendrix playing one of many of his white Fender Stratocasters. Photo by: Steve Banks

Also, worth noting is that Jimi didn’t always use Stratocasters. For instance, Jimi’s first electric guitar was a 1957 Supro Ozark finished in white color, which he used from around 1959. The truth is, he didn’t acquire a Stratocaster until 1966, and during that period he used a variety of different guitars, including a Danelectro Bronze Standard, Epiphone Wilshire, and a few different Fender Jazzmasters. In his later years, he would also occasionally pick up a Gibson Flying V or an SG Custom.

His acoustic guitars collection was however far more scarce. He was only really filmed playing two – a 1960s Zemaitis 12-string, and an Epiphone FT79. The former was used during a short video of Jimi playing an acoustic version of “Hear My Train A Comin’’’, and the latter was seen on a home video of him playing a cover of Presley’s “Hound Dog”.

Regarding amps – the things were somewhat simpler. Although he did use a few different models, it can be said that the Marshall JTM45/100 was the amp that Jimi mostly relied on. He did use a few Fender amps, including a Twin-Reverb that he played on with Curtis Knight circa 1966, and a Dual-Showman that he used occasionally during 1968, and also allegedly to record “Voodoo Child”. He also went through a period during which he used Sunn amps exclusively but returned to the Marshalls soon after.

The two main effect pedals that Jimi used were a Vox Wah-Wah, and a Fuzz. Regarding the latter, he used a variety of different fuzz models, including a Marshall Supa Fuzz, Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz, and Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face. He also experimented with a lot of unusual pedals at that time, such as the Roger Mayer Octavia and a Univox Uni-Vibe.

The actual Uni-Vibe pedal used by Hendrix, on display at the EMP/MoPop museum in Seattle.

Jimi Hendrix Equipment Guide

All about that Stratocaster

Obviously, if you want to go for Jimi's sound, you'll need a Stratocaster. Look for 1950s or 1960s themed models, as they'll usually have specs similar to the models that Jimi used. If you want an original Fender, Classic Series 60s model is a pretty good choice, and since it's made in Mexice it doesn't cost too much for what it offers. A good cheap alternative would be a Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster. Do a quick Google search on them, and you'll find only praise.

Tube Amps

Aside from a Stratocaster, other key ingrediant to Jimi's sound is a proper tube amp. If you're unfamiliar with the subject, tube amps are very expensive nowadays, since the production has moved to solid state amps in the more recent years. So, if you want the real thing, plan on spending atleast $1000 on something like a Fender Twin Reverb, and upwards of $2000 if you want the actual model that Jimi used. If you do want to go all the way, it's smart to check the used market on websites such as Reverb.com

A good cheap alternative to these tube amps would be a modern modeling amps such as a Fender Champion. These amps are configured so that they emulate the tube amp sound, obviously through modern means. If you're a beginner, it will do you wonders.

Strings, Accessories

Pick yourself a set of Fender Hendrix Voodoo Child strings, which are based on the same strings that Jimi used back in the day - the Fender 150s. As far as guitar picks, it's uncertain if Jimi actually had a preference, or he just used whatever was available. In most cases, he seemed to have used medium to heavy picks, so something like Dunlop's Herco pick will do the job.

Chronological list of Guitars, Amps, Effects, and Accessories used by Jimi Hendrix

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Jimi Hendrix's Electric Guitars

1957 Supro Ozark 1560s

Jimi Hendrix Guitar Gear Equipment

This was Hendrix’s first ever electric guitar. According to some sources [Jimi Hendrix Gear, by Michael Heatley, p.9], he got it from his father who bought it in the Myers Music Shop in Seattle in 1959 for $89. According to others [Becoming Jimi Hendrix, Steven Rody], this story is connected to his second electric guitar, a Danelectro. Be that as it may, Jimi played the Supro with his band The Rocking Kings […]

1960s Danelectro Bronze Standard


After his Supro was stolen, with the help from father Hendrix bought this Danelectro which he later nick-named “Betty Jean” after his girlfriend at the time, Betty Jean Morgan. [Jimi Hendrix Gear, by Michael Heatley, p.28] The guitar was allegedly originally green, but Hendrix himself painted it several times from red to purple, and back to green at some point. [Becoming Jimi Hendrix, Steven Rody] However, the earliest photo of […]

1961 Epiphone Wilshire


After coming back from the Army in 1962 Hendrix acquired an Epiphone Wilshire. It is assumed that this was from the money he made playing with the Danelectro, which as previously noted, was indeed borrowed from a friend in the army. Jimi used the guitar in the early days of King Casuals – a band that began performing in Nashville by November 1962. The Wilshire can be seen on photos taken at the Club […]

Ibanez Jet King 2


Jimi was seen playing this guitar on a few occasions with King Casuals, circa 1962. More precisely, he was photographed with the guitar at the Pink Poodle Club in Clarksville, TN sometime in July/June 1962, and at an unknown gig played sometime in January 1963. [more to be added]

1960s Fender Duo-Sonic


Just before his nine-month gig with the Isley Brothers in 1964 Hendrix (at the time known as Jimmy James) acquired his first Fender guitar. According to Michael Heatley [Jimi Hendrix Gear, by Michael Heatley, p.46], the guitar was a gift from O’Kelly Isley. We assume this was just after Jimi was accepted to the band following his audition in February 1964. Jimi’s Duo-Sonic was likely made sometime between the early to mid-60s – definitely before late […]

1959-1964 Fender Jazzmaster


During the latter part of the Isley Brothers tour in late 1964 and during the tour with Little Richard in early to mid-1965 Jimi was seen playing a sunburst Fender Jazzmaster (a quick Google Image search should give you a few results). The guitar was also seen on one of Jimi’s earliest TV appearances, in May 1965. Dating the Jazzmaster Based on the appearance, this Jazzmaster was made sometime between 1959 and 1964. […]

1950s/60s Fender Duo-Sonic (Sunburst)


Jimi was seen playing this guitar during a few gigs he did with Curtis Knight in late 1965/early 1966. This guitar was apparently a gift from Knight [Jimi Hendrix Gear, by Michael Heatley, p.48]. It is likely that Jimi pawned it some time prior to leaving for London in late 1966. Besides this, there doesn’t seem to be any info available about the guitar, so if you happen to know anything, be […]

1960s Fender Jazzmaster

Fender Jazzmaster 1966 White

Jimi was seen playing this guitar during a gig with King Curtis & the Kingpins in May 1966. Given that this is the only time he was ever seen with it, it is possible that the guitar was borrowed. The only interesting thing to say about this guitar is that it was likely made between 1964 and 1966. Fender changed the shape of the headstock on many models, including the Jazzmaster, in […]

1960s Fender Stratocaster (Carol)


This is likely one of the first, if not -the- first, Stratocaster that Hendrix ever owned. The history behind this guitar is however far from established. The Origins In the book Jimi Hendrix Gear [Jimi Hendrix Gear, p.62] it is noted that Jimi acquired this guitar at the Manny’s Music shop in New York, and that actually Carol Shiroky (his girlfriend at the time) bought it for him. It is assumed that […]

1964 Fender Stratocaster (Linda)


Based on the photos and the stories from various people, Hendrix only carried one single guitar with him on the plane to the UK in September 1966. Since he didn’t make a work permit ahead of time, it is suspected that someone else (perhaps Chas Chandler) carried the guitar for him. By all accounts, it seems that the guitar that Jimi carried with him was a 1964 Fender Stratocaster finished in […]

1960s Fender Stratocaster (black, Darlington)


According to some sources, Hendrix played a Fender Stratocaster on the night of February 2nd, 1967. The guitar was black, and it was stolen right after the gig at the Imperial Hotel in Darlington, County Durham [‘I bought missing Jimi Hendrix guitar for £20’ – The Northern Echo] The article above first states that possibly a few of his guitars were stolen, but someone is quoted saying a few paragraphs below that […]

1960s Fender Stratocaster


This guitar was first seen on February 11th 1967, at the Blue Moon club in Cheltenham. It was photographed sitting on stage while Hendrix played on a different white Stratocaster, likely the one that came with him from the US. Photos and additional info about the gig can be read over at GloucestershireLive website [It was 50 years ago today Jimi Hendrix came to town to play – Robin Brooks] […]

1963 Fender Stratocaster (Sunburst)


Hendrix was seen using this sunburst Fender Stratocaster starting with late February 1967. Based on what we discovered in our research, it is likely that Hendrix bought this guitar upon returning to London after a short North East tour during which a couple of his guitars went missing. One of the first gigs that Hendrix did with the sunburst Stratocaster was in Chelmsford on February 25th. Fortunately, a video recording of this gig […]

1965 Fender Stratocaster (Astoria Strat)


This is the guitar that Jimi allegedly set on fire at the gig played in The Astoria, London, England, on March 31, 1967. The gig was the first concert of the Walkers Brothers tour, which also featured Cat Stevens and Engelbert Humperdinck. Unfortunately, not much of the guitar’s history is known. As we discussed in the article about Jimi’s 1963 Fender Stratocaster (Sunburst), he had at least two sunburst Stratocasters in […]

196? Fender Stratocaster (Zappa)


This Stratocaster was given to Frank Zappa by Howard Parker – Hendrix’s roadie, at the 1968 Miami Pop Festival. The history of the guitar is however far from established, and some even doubt its legitimacy since until just recently there’s been proof of Jimi only ever burning two guitars in his life – both of which are accounted for. Well, there was this guy named Howard Parker – they called him ‘H’ […]

1963/64 Fender Stratocaster (Monterey Pop)


This guitar first appeared sometime in March 1967, likely on the 30th when the band appeared on Top of the Pops TV programme. All the photos from that day are black and white, unfortunately, but the guitar does seem the be finished in a solid color. Definitely darker than white, and lighter than pure black, but it’s impossible to tell exactly whether it was red or not. Regardless, the guitar […]

1960s Fender Stratocaster (Seville Theater / Sgt. Pepper's Strat)


This is the second of the two red Fender Stratocasters that Jimi used around May 1967. Based on photos available, it was likely first used at Saville Theatre on May 7th, but it is possible that it was used at an earlier date. This red Strat was mainly played just during the short European tour in May 1967. By the end of the tour, it developed a crack across the body, from Hendrix smashing […]

1965 Fender Jaguar (Black)


According to Tappy Wright, Jimi’s roadie, this guitar (Serial Number: L65163) was given to Hendrix by Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones just before the Monterey gig on June 8, 1967. When I flew across from London to Monterey to bring Jimi over, Brian Jones came with us, as did one of the Animals. As we got there, Jones had the guitar with him and then gave Jimi that Jaguar […]

1965/66 Fender Stratocaster (Black)


If we’re to rank guitars in order of their usage during the some of the most iconic performances of Jimi’s, this black Stratocaster would probably be way up there at least in the top three. It was first used (to our knowledge, not necessarily correct) at the Monterey Pop Festival on June 18, 1967. During this gig, Hendrix played the guitar on ‘Killing Floor’, ‘Foxy Lady’, Dylan’s ‘Like A Rolling Stone’, […]

1960s Fender Stratocaster (Sunburst, Monterey)


This is the third guitar that Jimi used at the Monterey Pop Festival on June 18, 1967. At this point, we don’t know basically anything at all about the guitar, except what can be concluded from the footage itself. It was finished in sunburst, it had a rosewood neck, and it had a large headstock – meaning that it was most likely made in 1966 or 1967. If we had to […]

1967 Fender Stratocaster (White)


Jimi started using this guitar upon returning to the US, in July 1967. It was seen on July 2nd at Whisky A Go Go, and a few days later on the 5th at the Rheingold Central Park Music Festival. From then on it was used on nearly all (probably all of them at least to some extent, but no way to tell for sure) of the US gigs up until Jimi’s return to the UK […]

1967 Gibson Flying V (Hand-painted)


The earliest photo of Jimi playing this guitar on stage that we have been able to find dates back to August 15, 1967. [Jimi Hendrix at “Fifth Dimension Club”, Ann Arbor. Michigan] Based on this, it is likely that Jimi purchased it in the US – perhaps sometime in late July when he was staying in New York (Manny’s Music Shop in NYC was a very popular guitar store among rock stars back […]

1960s Fender Stratocaster (Tortoiseshell)


This, for the time – unusual, Strat was used around late 1967. To our knowledge, it was first seen at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on August 18, 1967. Less than ten days later, the guitar was seen once again at the Saville Theater in London. What’s unusual about the guitar is the combination of the specs. While there have been a good number of white Strats in the early 60s, there […]

1960s Fender Jaguar (Blue)

Blue Fender Jaguar

There are a few photos of Jimi playing a Fender Jaguar in what’s either a dark blue or black finish. To our knowledge, all of the photos were taken on August 24, 1967, at the Lime Grove Studios for “Top Of The Pops”. The most interesting thing about the guitar is that it was strung for a right-handed player, meaning that it probably didn’t belong to Jimi but was borrowed just for that occasion. Beyond […]

Mosrite Joe Maphis 12/6 Doubleneck


This guitar was shown at the EMP museum during a special Hendrix event. According to the museum’s info, Jimi purchased it at Manny’s Music shop in New York and used it for the recording of “Spanish Castle Magic” in late 1967. Unfortunately, beyond what was stated by the EMP, we couldn’t find anything else about the guitar. As far as the specs, the guitar had two necks – one with six […]

1960s Fender Stratocaster (Modified)


Jimi was seen using this guitar only on a few occasions, most notably at rehearsals at The Saville Theatre, London on October 8, 1967, at L’Olympia, Paris on October 9, 1967, and in Gothenburg on January 4, 1968. It is an odd guitar in a sense that it’s the only heavily modified Stratocaster that Hendrix ever was seen playing. Also, if we assume that Hendrix modified the guitar himself, or […]

1967 Fender Stratocaster (White)


This is the guitar that Jimi switched to from his first 1967 Strat (mentioned a guitar before this one). The second Strat first saw stage light on February 2, 1968 in San Francisco, US.  [Jimi Hendrix, backstage at Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, 1968 – Time] In essence, the two guitars were identical, aside from the wear on the old one that by February 1968 became quite extensive (especially around the upper […]

1965 Fender Jazzmaster (Sunburst)


To our knowledge, this guitar was only used on a couple of gigs in March/April 1968. It was first seen at the University Of Toledo Fieldhouse on March 30th [Toledo (University Of Toledo Fieldhouse) : 30 mars 1968], and last on April 5th at the Symphony Hall in Newark [Newark (Symphony Hall) : 5 avril 1968]. This Jazzmaster is apparently currently owned by the actor Steven Seagal. He was interviewed in the January 2006 […]

1956 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Fillmore West, Miami Pop)


Jimi started using this guitar around April 1968. The earliest photos date to April 5th, 1968 [Newark (Symphony Hall) : 5 avril 1968], which could possibly mean that this is something Jimi acquired at the Manny’s Music shop, which is just a 30-minute drive from the Symphony Hall. The guitar seemed the have been used exclusively on the song “Red House”. The guitar was most famously used at Bill Graham’s Fillmore East venue […]

1967 Guild Starfire V


This guitar was used only once by Jimi, on May 19, 1968, at the Wreck Bar within the Castaways Hotel, in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, after the Miami Pop Festival. The festival was originally scheduled as a two-day event, but the second day was canceled due to a thunderstorm, which prompted the performers to gathered in the Castaways Hotel to take refuge from the rain and start a jam session. There’s is only […]

1950s Gibson Les Paul Jr TV Special


Jimi was seen using this guitar on two occasions, one on May 31, 1968, at the Hallenstadion, Zurich. [‘Monster-Konzert’, Hallenstadion, Zurich. (30/05/1968)], and the other during the studio sessions for South Saturn Delta [Horn players on Hendrix’ South Saturn Delta]. Based on the photos, the guitar is a mid-50s Les Paul Special with two pickups, finished in what’s commonly known as “TV” yellow. If you happen to know anything else about the […]

1967/68 Fender Stratocaster (Blue)


This guitar is not all that significant at least when compared to the others, but it is nonetheless one of the more interesting ones. Jimi used it for a very brief period of time, from what we’ve gathered – not longer than a month. It was first seen at the Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport on July 31, 1968 [Shreveport (Municipal Auditorium) : 31 juillet 1968], and last, in pieces, at the Lagoon Opera House, […]

1968 Fender Stratocaster (Black)


Hendrix started using this guitar in mid-October 1968, and it represented a shift away from rosewood and towards maple neck Stratocasters. Up until this point, almost every guitar that he played had a rosewood fretboard. This is understandable considering the fact that he mostly used early to mid 60s Strats, most of which were shipped with rosewood fretboards, at least up until around mid-1965. The guitar was one of the two maple […]

1968 Fender Stratocaster (Woodstock)


This is probably the best-known guitar of Jimi’s. It was used at the Woodstock Festival on August 18, 1969. Before Woodstock however – things are somewhat fuzzy. It seems that the guitar was used from around the same time as the black Strat, around October 1969, but have gone out of rotation sometime in 1969 in favor of a different white Strat that looked nearly identical. The Woodstock Strat was […]

1967 Gibson SG Custom


This 1967 Gibson SG Custom is most famous for its appearance on the Dick Cavett show on September 9, 1969. The guitar was however first seen in Jimi’s hands around late 1968. More precisely, November 28, 1968, Rhode Island Auditorium gig seem to be the first one to feature this guitar based on the photos. From then on the SG popped in occasionally, most likely to be used on tracks such as ‘Red […]

1969 Gibson Flying V (Tobacco burst)


This is the second Gibson Flying V that Jimi played in his career. Of the three that he had in total (or at least used publicly), this one is probably the least known and most certainly the least photographed. This, of course, makes it much more difficult to research this guitar properly. Although some sources claim that Jimi started using the tobacco burst Flying V as early as January 1969, the […]

1960s Fender Stratocaster (Telecaster neck, Newport)


Jimi used this guitar only two times, both at the Newport Pop Festival in June 1969. Based on the photos and footage available, the guitar was used on both June 20th and June 22nd. The guitar is one of the weird ones, in a sense that it was without a doubt put together using parts from at least two different guitars. The neck is from a late 1960s Telecaster, while the […]

1955 Gibson Les Paul Custom


According to Larry Lee, this guitar was purchased by him and Hendrix in 1963 when they played in a band called Bob Fisher and the Bonnevilles. When Larry was invited to join Gypsy Sun and the Rainbows in 1969, a week prior to Woodstock, Hendrix allegedly gave it to him since he had no instrument of his – being just recently released from the army. All this is based on the […]

1960s Gibson SG Custom (Red)


To our knowledge this guitar was only used on one gig, at the Ungano’s club in New York in January 1970 [Jimi with Elvin Bishop – Unganos Club, New York City 1969/70] If you happen to come across any other photo of Hendrix with the guitar, please be sure to send it to us. The guitar was allegedly a gift from the club owners since Jimi was apparently a frequent visitor […]

1968/69 Fender Stratocaster (White)


This is the guitar that Jimi was seen using from around April 1970. Up until that point he used a similar white Stratocaster (Woodstock Strat), but photos seem to indicate that a change took place sometime around early 1970, and Jimi swapped to a different Stratocaster. First photos of this second white maple Stratocaster that we’ve been able to find date back to April 25, 1970, and were taken backstage […]

1970 Gibson Flying V (Left-handed, Black)


Although Jimi was no stranger to Flying Vs, this was the only one specifically made for left-hand use. The guitar was first seen on April 25, 1970, at the Los Angeles Forum, and subsequentially on May 8, 1970 at the University Of Oklahoma Field House, Norman [Norman (Field House, University Of Oklahoma) : 8 mai 1970 [Premier concert]] From then on it was used a number of times until Jimi’s death, most famously of […]

Jimi Hendrix's Acoustic Guitars

1951 Epiphone FT79


This Epiphone (serial number 62262) was purchased by Jimi in 1967 sometime during the JHE US tour, which was the band’s first away from Europe. According to Noel Redding, the guitar was bought second-hand in New York, for about $25, and was brought back to England. [Bonhams: Jimi Hendrix: An Epiphone FT 79 acoustic guitar, 1951] According to the info posted on the Bonham’s auction page, the Epiphone was used extensively by […]

1960s Zemaitis 12-string


One of the rare professional video recordings of Jimi with an acoustic guitar shows him playing an unplugged version of the song “Hear My Train A’ Comin’” on a twelve-string guitar.  The short footage is a part of the film called “See My Music Talking”, recorded on December 19th, 1967 at the Bruce Fleming’s studio, London. The guitar that Jimi played in the video was made by a guitar luthier called Antanus Casimere (Tony) Zemaitis, […]

Thornward Parlor Guitar


All that is known about this guitar is that it is currently owned by the Hard Rock Cafe International, and that it can be seen at their restaurant in Amsterdam Netherlands. According to the Hard Rock Cafe’s info, the guitar was donated to them by Mitch Michell, and it was used during the recording of “All Along the Watchtower” in 1968. Of course, Jimi was never photographed during the sessions, so we […]

1968 Martin D-45


Jimi bought this guitar in 1969 from Manny’s Music shop in New York. The guitar was passed on to Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell after Hendrix’s death, who kept it until 1992 when it was sold through auction. It was purchased by Jimi in 1968 and kept at home to compose with. He wrote many things on it, including the “Black Guld Suite”. It did get taken to and used in […]

Martin D-45 #2


Jimi’s alleged #2 Martin D-45 ended up with Noel Redding, who kept it in his house in Ireland until his passing in 2003. Chris Dair was at his house around 1998/1999, when he had the opportunity to play Jimi’s D-45. What follows is Chris’ own account of what happened, sent to us by Chris via email. First of all Noel said “I want to show you something” and then he […]

Jimi Hendrix's Amps

Silvertone Twin Twelve


Jimi seemed to have been using this amp around late 1962 / early 1963. It can be seen on a photo of him performing with the King Kasuals. Based on the fact that this is the only time he was seen using the amp, we suspect that it was likely borrowed. At the time of using this amp, Jimi played what is likely a 1961 Epiphone Wilshire.

Fender Twin Reverb


Jimi was seen using this amp in the pre-Experience days. More precisely, photos dating to his Curtis Knight days (late 1965/most of 1966) all seem to show Jimi playing through a Twin Reverb combo amp. Given that he played the last gig with Curtis in August 1966, and left for the UK in September, it is likely that the amp was either sold prior to the UK trip, or it […]

Supro S6420 Thunderbolt


Allegedly used in the early days with Curtis Knight, circa 1966. It is worth noting here that although some argue that an amp resembling a Supro Thunderbolt was seen on stage behind Jimi on at least one photo, it is very questionable if this actually holds any credibility. The whole theory seemed to have originated from someone’s statement, and then people tried retrospectively finding something that would resemble a Thunderbolt amp […]

Marshall Super 100 JTM45/100


Allegedly, Jimi first came across a Marshall amp, and tried one himself, while sitting in with Brian Auger’s band Trinity – most likely on September 28, 1966. According to Brian Auger, Jimi turned the amp all the way to 10 and instructed the band to follow him while he played “Hey Joe” – of course leaving everybody in the room (apparently including even Eric Clapton) completely stunned. [11-12-13 Brian Auger Talks of […]

Guild Thunderbass Quantum Amp


According to Dave Weyer used this amp during his early days with The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and apparently later on as a preamp [Jimi Hendrix’s Wah-wah Pedal and Amp in J. Levine’s New Year’s Day Auction ] To which extent the amp was used is unfortunately unknown, but it is likely that it didn’t play a major role in Jimi sound. The story of how the amp was discovered is […]

Sound City One Hundred


According to Roger Mayer (with whom one of our visitor’s had the chance to talk – see comments below), Jimi used a 1967 Sound City 100 Master Volume amp extensively on the Axis album. On Tour Jimi used a single Sound City One Hundred amp (likely the same one from the Axis session) briefly during the latter part of the 1968 North American tour, from around mid-March to April/May (see Miami […]

Vox AC30


According to Phil Brown, who was the audio engineer during the session, all of the overdubs on ‘All Along the Watchtower’ were recorded on a Vox AC30 The setup for Hendrix’s electric guitar overdubs was achieved simply by placing a VOX AC30 amplifier in the studio, close to the control room window. We then placed Neumann U67s both close and distant, with an AKG C 12 A close to the […]

Fender Dual Showman


It seems that for a short period of time, around early 1968, Jimi used a few Fender Dual Showman amps for his live gigs. The amps were seen during the show at Fillmore East on February 1, 1968, on the 2nd at Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, and lastly at Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim on February 9, 1968. According to some sources, the amps were supplied by Fender for Jimi to use during […]

Sunn 100s


Sometime in early 1968, Hendrix signed an endorsement deal with Sunn amp. Allegedly, he was approached with this idea by Buck Munger (PR, Sunn Amps.) sometime after Monterey Pop Festival. I went backstage (Monterey Pop Festival), and by the end of the night I knew what record label he was on. Someone invited me, I think it was Chas Chandler, to a gig in Los Angeles to come and see Jimi, and talk about equipment. So […]

Sunn 2000s


Hendrix allegedly used this amp during his endorsement deal with Sunn circa 1968. One of these amps recently appeared on an auction over at Reverb.com, paired with 2X15 Cabs with JBL-D140 speakers. The asking price was around $150,000. Unfortunately, the posting has since been removed and we couldn’t find any additional info about it. In our research, we haven’t come across a photo of Jimi actually using these amps; he mostly seemed to […]

Jimi Hendrix's Effects

Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone


Jimi was seen using this pedal while he played with the Squiers. More specifically, the pedal was seen sitting behind Jimi on a photo taken of him at Cheetah club in New York City sometime in mid-1966. It’s unknown whether he ever used the pedal aside from this one occasion. The Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone is one of the first fuzz pedals to become hugely popular. It was first introduced in […]

Marshall Supa Fuzz


There is a scan of a receipt from a Sound City music store in London from January 1967 showing that Jimi purchased a Marshall Supa Fuzz. [The Jimi Hendrix Experience, a collection of original Sound City receipts 1966 – 1967] This receipt was recently auctioned off, alongside another receipt for a for Fender Telecaster Bass for Noel Redding. Please note that although the receipt reads Marshall “Super” Fuzz instead of “Supa”, it […]

Roger Mayer Octavia


Jimi started using this pedal around January 1967, after meeting Roger Mayer – an acoustic engineer working for the British Admiralty who as a hobby designed and built effect pedals for guitars, when they were still virtually unknown. In case you’re unfamiliar with the functionality of the Octavia pedal, in Roger’s own words Octavia “produces a sound that is an octave higher than the note you are presently playing.” The […]

Shin-ei/Univox Uni-Vibe


Jimi Hendrix used this effect most famously during the Woodstock festival on August 18, 1969. As far as studio use, the pedal was most famously featured on ‘Machine Gun’, released on the 1970 album ‘Band of Gypsies’. History behind the Uni-Vibe pedal The history behind this pedal doesn’t seem to be all that established, as different sources claim different origin stories. The most commonly accepted version is that this pedal […]

Vox V846 Wah Pedal (Woodstock)


Throughout his career, Jimi used a number of different wah pedals. However, it’s often hard to tell which one he was using on a particular occasion because of the low-quality footage on some of the concerts. Fortunately, on one occasion that perhaps matters the most to some, that is the Woodstock festival in 1969, the type of the wah used is somewhat well established. According to Dave Weyer, who at […]

Jimi Hendrix's Strings

Fender Rock N’ Roll 150 Strings


According to Roger Mayer, Jimi used the standard Fender 150 set (.010, .013, .015, .026, .032, .038). We were using the normal one, not the very high radius but definitely curvy. The actual strings we used were not what people would expect. The string gauges would run .010, .013, .015, .026, .032 and .038. [The Secrets of Jimi Hendrix’s Guitar Setup: Interview with Roger Mayer] The Fender 150 referred to […]

Jimi Hendrix's Accessories

Ace (Woodstock) Guitar Strap

Hendrix Guitar Strap

During the Woodstock Festival gig on August 18, 1969, Jimi used a guitar strap with a very unique pattern, catching the eye of many. The strap was made by a company named Ace, who at the time produced a number of different guitar straps with similar designs. Auction Jimi Woodstock strap was auctioned in 2008 for an undisclosed price (if you happen to come across anything related to the strap […]

Fender Medium Celluloid Guitar Pick


This seems to be the pick that Jimi used most of the time. Looking through the photos, one can usually notice that he holds a red/black pick in his hand. This is probably Fender’s (more likely) or possibly Manny’s Music (probably used just on occasion), 351 shape celluloid pick. These picks were used by most of the guitarists in the late 60s, and are in fact still popular today among […]

Ace (Stained Glass) Guitar Strap


Hendrix was seen using this Ace guitar strap most notably in late October 1968, at the TTG Studios, LA. For photos, check our Pinterest page at Jimi Hendrix’s Ace Stained Glass Strap. If you’re looking to buy one for yourself, Dunlop makes a pretty decent replica – check it out here Dunlop Jimi Hendrix ITG Studios Guitar Strap (JH08).

Manny's Music Medium Guitar Pick


Although Jimi probably used a number of different picks in his career, a few of them have popped up recently on auctions / at museums. These few should mostly serve just as pointers, which suggest that Jimi simply preferred medium thickness picks, but didn’t seem to have a strong brand or model preferences. This particular pick, which was handed down to Larry Lee, together with Jimi’s Les Paul Custom, recently […]

Ace (Floral) Guitar Strap


This was one of the several Ace guitar straps that Jimi used on his guitars (most famous one being the one that he used during Woodstock). This particular strap (or at least one of them – Jimi could’ve owned several of the same model) was sold recently at an auction for an undisclosed price. It was previously owned by a guy named Darrel Stroot, who apparently got it in 1970 […]

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