Kurt Cobain’s Kramer Ferrington KFT-1 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This guitar was seen briefly in the 2015 documentary Montage of Heck, during which it was smashed. The scene was filmed in a bathroom, likely in Kurt’s and Courtney’s Fairfax apartment, sometime in 1991/1992.

Guitar as seen in the 2015 documentary Montage of Heck.

One thing that is evident from this footage is that Kurt’s Kramer Ferrington KFT-1 had a replacement neck installed on it. The original neck would’ve had a more pointy headstock, and the fretboard wouldn’t have dot inlays but tear-shaped ones.

The other thing worth noting is the writing on the top of the body. Based on a more recent photo of this guitar, taken by photographer Geoff Moore [Kurt Cobain’s Personal Archive: See Intimate Photos From New Exhibit], these are the lines from the song “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle” from In Utero.

Currently, what’s left of this guitar is kept safe at a secret Kurt Cobain vault somewhere in Seattle, along a bunch of other of his belongings.

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