Kurt Cobain’s Fender Stratocaster (White, “K” Sticker)

This was Kurt’s first left-handed Fender Stratocaster. It was allegedly Japanese-made (source needed), and Kurt likely picked it up in October 1990 in the US, shortly before the band flew to the UK. The first time he was ever seen playing it was on October 25th, 1990, at Leeds Polytechnic, Leeds, United Kingdom (video below).

The guitar was finished in white and featured a rosewood neck. It had two single-coil pickups (likely original), and an angled humbucker in the bridge position – presumably installed by Kurt himself. The model and the brand of this third pickup is at this point unknown.

One unique thing to this guitar was a “K” sticker placed just behind the bridge – as a reference to an independent record label in Olympia, Washington. Kurt had the same design tattooed on his left hand.

The guitar made it into 1991, but it is unclear what exactly happened to it. The last time it was seen seems to be around March 1991, and given the history of the rest of Kurt’s guitars, this one probably ended up being destroyed somewhere around that time.

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2 months ago

Was it a sticker or was it painted on

1 month ago
Reply to  caunnor



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