Kurt Cobain’s Crest 4801 Power Amp

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Kurt used this amp from around January 1992 (as confirmed in the comments, it was first used on January 24) for the majority of Nirvana’s live performances. The amp was used together with a Mesa/Boogie Studio .22 Preamp – both of which were mounted on a rack shelf often seen sitting behind Kurt on stage.

Kurt Cobain's Amp setup during Reading Festival gig.
Crest 4801 Power Amp seen used during the Reading Festival.

Prior to January 1992, Kurt used a Crown Power Base 2 power amp instead of this amp.


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1 year ago

Last time Crown Power Amp 2 used:
01/11/92 – NBC Studios (Saturday Night Live), New York, NY
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Next show:

01/24/92 – Phoenician Club, Sydney, Australia
First time Crest 4801 used

Kurt used it since the Australian Tour at the beginning of 1992 – Appearing of Earnie Bailey