Kurt Cobain’s Fender Combo Amp

Kurt was seen using an unknown Fender amp around the time when the band released Bleach, circa May 1989.

Based on this photo – Nirvana in Auburn, WA, May 26, 1989, it seems that the Marshall on top with the “Nirvana” was Jason Everman’s, while the Fender combo sitting underneath it was used by Kurt. The amp on the right, sitting on top of a red cabinet, was Krist’s bass amp.

However, it could also be that this Fender amp was used by Jason and that Kurt’s amp was sitting somewhere on the right of the stage (less likely).

At this point, the exact model of the amp is unknown. Based on the white line around the speaker grill, it could be something like a Fender 75. However, that amp seemed to only have a single speaker, while Kurt’s has dual.


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2 months ago
The amplifier appears to be a 1980 Fender Super Twin 180-Watt 2x12" Guitar Combo
2 years ago

The Fender was Jason Everman’s.
Jason Amp-Set up was a Marshall 1960B Straight 4×12 Cabinet (Customized to say “Mash All”), Fender 2×12 Cabinet and a Custom-Marshall Head that reads “NIRVANA”

Kurt’s Amp-Set up was on the right side of the stage. Kurt used a Marshall 1960B Straight 4×12 Cabinet with Silver Duct Tape covering the Marshall Logo, SoundTech 2×12 Cabinet, Randall Commander II RG-120 Amp Head, Sunn Beta PB-10 Preamplifier.

You can watch the Full May 26, 1989 – Lindbloom Student Center, Green River Community College, Auburn, WA Show.


2 years ago

The Fender belonged to Jason. He bi-amped it with a Marshall JCM, with the Fender handling cleans and the Marshal for dirty. That’s according the the Live Nirvana equipment section.

Last edited 2 years ago by Someone