Kurt Cobain’s 1980s Washburn Force 31

This guitar was used for a very brief period of time in late 1989, and it seemed to have directly replaced Kurt’s Hagstrom guitar, as that one was destroyed on November 28th, while the Washburn was used on Nirvana next gig, on December 2nd. But, while the Hagstrom at least lasted for a few gigs, the Washburn was destroyed the very next day, on December 3rd, 1989 at Astoria Theatre, London.

Based on the photographic evidence, the guitar featured a black finish with a matching headstock color, rosewood fretboard, and a humbucker pickup in the bridge position.

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Daniel Tribley
Daniel Tribley
1 year ago

I have this exact giutar, bought it in 86. Sound is unique with the single H and the quality of the wood and build.. Understand he played in on Nevermind. Shame he smashed it, they made less than a thousand of these gems. Would consider selling to someone who can appreciate what it is. If you are in a Nirvana cover band this guitar is something you would certainly desire sound alone. In near perfect condition E-mail me I will send pictures on request. Original hard case as well…


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