Kurt Cobain’s Hagstrom II F-200

Kurt played this Hagstrom for a few gigs during Nirvana’s first European tour in late 1989, but it was acquired before the band departed for Europe, as it was seen sitting on a stage on a gig played on September 30, 1989 at Cabaret Metro, Chicago.

Kurt’s Ibanez Firebird and Hagstrom guitars sitting on stage. September 30, 1989, Chicago.

However, the guitar didn’t return to the US, as it was destroyed relatively quickly during the European tour, on November 27, 1989, at Piper Club, Roma, Italy. For the rest of the tour, Kurt relied mostly on a black Washburn Force 31.


Based on photos, the guitar featured a red finish, two single-coil pickups, and a stop tail-piece (usually these guitars seem to have a tremolo bridge). Based on sources online [All the H’s I-II-III], Kurt’s guitar was likely a model made sometime in the 1960s, as it featured switches for the pickups, instead of the dials which were introduced in the 70s.

Kurt is seen playing the Hagstrom on the cover of the unofficial album “It’s All Going Wrong” recorded in Mezzago, Italy on November 27, 1989.


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9 months ago

Here is the reason why it did not come back from the US and destroyed relatively quickly

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3 years ago

i like that guitar the best