Kurt Cobain’s DOD Grunge

Used most notably during the ‘Live and Loud’ gig in 1993. A couple of weeks after that, on December 29th, 1993, Kurt threw the pedal into the audience, and that was the end of it. Kurt most likely didn’t actually take the pedal seriously, and based on how short it was used – it was possibly used as a joke.

Just recently, the pedal appeared on History channel show titled “Pawn Stars”, followed by a litter from Cobain’s guitar tech. The owner asked $5,000 for it but was offered only $500 (it’s Pawn Stars after all).


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2 years ago

A baby owns it.

fouie lerris
fouie lerris
1 year ago

kurt cobain did not use this pedal a lot. it just stayed on his pedal board because what can i say it does look cool. the pedal is just loud and distorted but i guess that is what grunge is!
he then threw it into the crowd to a women and then later in life her husband took it to the pawn stars pawn shop asking for 15,000 US dollars but then was offered 2,000 USD and he declined the offer. rumour has it that he still owns this pedal and will try and sell it later in life!
from louie

11 months ago

Did Kurt use the grunge pedal on any songs live or did it just sit on his board?

8 months ago
Reply to  Corey

He actually used it at the Live and Loud concert. You can distinctly hear it on songs like Breed, Man Who Sold the World, and School.

4 months ago
1 month ago