Kurt Cobain’s Fender Monogrammed Guitar Strap

Kurt used this guitar strap on the Fender “<3 Courtney” Telecaster, and possibly some other guitars (further research needed). Photos of Kurt using the strap can be seen over at the LiveNirvana website.

Fender Monogrammed Guitar Strap.
Fender Monogrammed Guitar Strap.


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10 months ago

The Only Two guitars Kurt used the Fender Monogrammed Guitar Strap on was the Fender “<3 Courtney” Telecaster, during the January/February Nevermind Pacific Rim Tour and when It was used in June 1992 on the Nevermind Rescheduled European Tour and on January 16, 1993 Estádio Cícero Pompeu de Toledo (Hollywood Rock Festival), São Paulo, Brazil when the Fender “<3 Courtney” Telecaster was Smashed. Then It was used on Kurt's Sunburst Univox Hi-Flier Phase II during the Encore of the January 23, 1993 Praça da Apoteose (Hollywood Rock Festival), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil show and it was also used on the Sunburst Univox Hi-Flier Phase II guitar on the last 2 songs "Smells Like Teen Spirit/Endless, Nameless" at July 23, 1993 Roseland Ballroom (New Music Seminar), New York, NY show.

11 months ago

It was used on his sunburst Univox