Kurt Cobain’s Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion Pedal

Kurt started using this pedal sometime after the release of Nevermind, switching from the older model – the DS-1. The DS-2 was first seen on September 28, 1991, at the Marquee, New York, NY (thanks Sebastian).

This, of course, means that both Bleach and Nevermind were recorded with the DS-1, and the DS-2 was only used on tours – at least in regard to those two albums.

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kurt lover
kurt lover
3 years ago

what about the rat he used live ? also wasnt this used for in utero tour and studio session and even a photo of kurt during in utero tour using rat with other distorsions, then he was seen having a delay (never used) used only in home collage and recordings

3 years ago

At an auction by Juliens, a Boss DS-1 used by Kurt on their Nevermind tour at 09/25/91, Babyhead, Providence, RI, was sold on June, 19th 2020 for $8,960.

According to the seller, who has attended the concert ‘Kurt Cobain had technical problems’ and ‘… smashed the pedal on stage and threw it into the crowd’ ‘during the show’.

It is therefore very likely, though speculative, that Kurt switched to Boss DS-2 on September 26, 1991 – The Moon, New Haven, CT. Although – due to the lack of footage – the DS-2 can only be seen on September 28, 1991 in Marquee, New York, NY

comment image?1592536754

4 years ago

Last seen DS-1:
09/16/91 – Beehive Music & Video, Seattle, WA

next shows with lack of usable footage:

09/28/91 – Tower Records, New York, NY
09/27/91 – City Gardens, Trenton, NJ
09/26/91 – The Moon, New Haven, CT
09/25/91 – Club Babyhead, Providence, RI
09/24/91 – Axis Nightclub, Boston, MA
09/23/91 – Axis Nightclub (WFNX Birthday Bash), Boston, MA -> Hiwatt Box
09/21/91 – Foufounes Électriques, Montréal, QC, Canada -> Hiwatt Box + RAT
09/20/91 – The Opera House, Toronto, ON, Canada

DS-2 First seen live:
09/28/91 Marquee, New York, NY