Kurt Cobain’s Fender Twin Reverb Silverface (Bleach tour)

This amp was seen behind Kurt on stage starting with Nirvana’s European tour in late October 1989, in support of Bleach. However, the amp belonged either to TAD or Mudhoney with whom Nirvana toured, and there was never a cable going into the amp while Kurt was performing – meaning, he likely never used it himself.

Kurt playing through a Fender Twin Reverb amp at Live at Kapu, Linz, Austria, 11/20/89. Photo source: stateyourrights / Nirvana – Live at Kapu, 1989, Full (MATRIX)

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3 years ago

Kurt has never played a Twin Reverb live. All photos of him on stage with a Twin, show either the backline of TAD or Mudhoney.

2 years ago

Its not plugged in the picture…

Zach Davis
Zach Davis
1 year ago

Gary Thorstensen used a twin reverb all the time so I think this is just one of his

9 months ago

Other than for MTV Unplugged and the show they played with Mudhoney at the Crocodile, I dont think Kurt used Fender Twins at shows. It was more of a studio favorite for him. The Twin here probably belonged to TAD. Kurt instead shared Gary T’s Ampeg halfstack for that tour.