Rory Gallagher’s Coricidin bottle (slide)

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For slide on an electric guitar, Rory used Coricidin bottles identical to ones that Duane Allman popularized.

Duane Allman used to use this sort of thing, and I think Toddy Daniels too. It’s very handy because it doesn’t fall off your finger, and for one dollar 79 you get a great bottleneck. I’ve had various wine bottlenecks, but I find this is really the best, because it’s so smooth. I buy as many as I can when I’m over there because you can’t get them here.

‘I try to keep the balance between madness and technique’ – Rory Gallagher talks to John Dalton

He would sometimes refer to these as Aspirin bottles [Rory Gallagher interview (‘Cologne 76’-full interview )], although in most of the interviews he does call them by their right name.

The thing is, they don’t sell Coricidin in England so I have to pick up a few more bottles of it every time I’m in the States. I think they make the best bottleneck you can get, though I wish they would make them in a slightly smaller size, so I could use one on my small finger. I only hope that the company doesn’t move over to plastic. We’ll all be ruined then!

BRITISH ROCK GUITAR by Dan Hedges Guitar Player Books 1977
An empty Coricidin bottle on display at The Big House Museum, Macon, GA. Photo by: Dave White

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